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Research tips and tools for using PsycArticles.
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This American Psychological Association (APA) full text article database contains the full text of articles from APA journals and other psychology publishers.  You can search the full text of the articles or search using PsycINFO fields.  This database is NOT the same as PsycINFO - you are only searching approximately 90 journals instead of the 2,500 journals PsycINFO indexes.

Searching PsycARTICLES

Advanced Search

Performing Searches:  Use CAPS!

  • Orfamily OR stress retrieves records containing either “family,” “stress,” or both.
  • Andfamily AND stress retrieves records that contain both “family” and “stress.”
  • Phrases:  “family stress” retrieves the exact phrase.
  • Limit:  limit as you see fit to narrow your searching
  • + and -:  will add or delete search boxes

Word variants:

  • Truncation: the symbol (*) attached to the end of the word will retrieve all different endings to that word. Ex: trauma* retrieves trauma, traumas, and traumatic.
  • Wildcard: the symbol (?) can substitute for one character or none. Ex: wom?n will retrieve woman and women.


  • If you enter more than one word into the search box, the database ANDs them together.  Ex:  professional ethics is interpreted as professional and ethics
  • The search engine will search for your words anywhere in the record (all fields).
  • Subject:  searches Title, Keywords, and Index (Thesaurus) Terms simultaneously.

Easy Search

Use only if you’re comfortable using the abbreviations for field names (listed below), otherwise you’ll search all fields and may retrieve too many hits!

  • All the above rules apply here too!
  • Type in the field abbreviation, a colon, and your search term(s).  Ex.:  jt:”American Psychologist”


Field Abbreviations & Examples

Unique Identifier                       uid:                              uid:2000-08148-006

Author                                     au: or author:               au:“morawski j”~1

Affiliation                                 aff:                               aff:(“wesleyan u” and middletown)

Title                                        ti: or title:                      ti:(“social psychology” and century)

Publication Year                       py: or pubyr:                 py:[1998 to 2000]

Source                                    so: or source:                source:“American psychologist”

ISSN                                       issn:                             issn:0003-066x

ISBN                                       isbn:                            isbn:0-8058-4178-4

Language                                 lang:                            lang:english

Abstract                                  ab: or abstract:             ab:”social century”~5

Keywords                                kw: or keyword:           kw:(emergence and “social psychology”)

IndexTerms                             it:                                it:“history of psychology”

     (Thesaurus Terms)

Classification Codes                cc:                               cc:(3000 or 31*)

Population Group                    pg:                               pg:(outpatient and female)

Age Group                             ag:                               ag:adulthood

Geographic Location                loc:                              loc:us

Methodology                           me:                             me:“empirical study”

Document Type                      dt:                               dt:obituary

Release Date                          rd:                               rd:20050906

Auxiliary Materials                   aux:                             aux:“data sets”

DOI Number                           doi:                              doi:10.1016/j.eurpsy.2004.11.001

Publisher                                pub:                             pub:erlbaum

Reviewed Item                       rev:                              rev:(2005 and “psychology press”)

Tests & Measures                    tm:                               tm:“beck depression inventory”


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